Electrical Installation in Johannesburg

Do you need help installing your electrics? Look no further than our licensed electrical technicians. We are a one-stop shop for all your electrical installation Johannesburg. Our technicians are the best when it comes to setting up the washing machine, dishwasher, electric cookers, and wiring & cables. We know the dynamics involved in every installation, and the necessary adjustments that might have to be made to accommodate a new appliance. Let us take care of the finer details and leave you with an appliance that is all set for usage. Be it at home, office, industry, or institution, you can bet on our reliability and cost-effectiveness.

electrical installations johannesburg

For every security light installation Johannesburg, we always put our best employees on the job and ensure they have everything that is needed to deliver good results. New light switches will be bought, coupled with quality lights, and new connectors where necessary. There is no holding back when the end result will be a satisfied client who is more than glad to recommend us to family members and friends. We could even troubleshoot the security systems after installation to ascertain they are getting sufficient power.

On the entertainment side, our appliance installers in Johannesburg are available to install your television and DSTV at an ideal spot where there will be less wiring clutter. Should there be a need for extra plug sockets we will have them delivered directly by a reputable retailer in the region. The same goes for air conditioning & air con parts, and a host of other home appliance fixtures. Our employees always have things under control, whether they are working on a residential or commercial appliance. That is because we spend a good amount of time analysing an area and talking to the client to know what their preferences are.

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